środa, 07 listopad 2018 11:10

Retail sales in the euro area unchanged this year. The stock market is in the norm. You can make money

Seasonally adjusted retail sales in the euro area did not change on a monthly basis in September 2018, the EU statistical office Eurostat has provided.
In the whole European Union, retail sales fell by 0.1% on a monthly basis.

Market consensus for the euro area was 0.1% growth on a monthly basis.

Eurostat has reported that in annual terms retail sales increased by 0.8% in the euro area in September and by 1.5% in the EU as a whole.

According to analysts' forecasts, ING Bank Śląski in the third quarter earned almost PLN 379 million. He repeated almost exactly the result from the previous year. With the rest, its results have been maintained for a long time.


The improvement was also recorded by ING Bank Śląski, although on a smaller scale. We must also admit that the results of this bank are exceptionally repeatable. A year earlier, he earned less than PLN 376 million. What's more, in four of the last five quarters the net profit was in a relatively narrow range of PLN 360-379 million.

The latest results should not come as a surprise to investors, because before the publication the majority of analysts forecasted about PLN 380 million profit. It is slightly less, but only minimally. The quotations of ING shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange have not changed compared to the exchange rate from before the financial report.