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wtorek, 12 luty 2019 13:31

A way to make a good presentation

What is the common denominator for the vast majority of public speeches? The use of multimedia presentations. At present, virtually every open lecture, every speech by any specialist is mainly based on the information contained in such presentations. Why did this kind of visual aid dominate public speaking?


Because it undoubtedly supports both the speaker, because it allows to gather in one place all the essential elements of the speech, so as not to miss anything, but also the audience, who in one place have a collection of what is the essence of the lecture. A number of software have been developed to create a visual project that, on the one hand, will contain all the relevant information and, on the other hand, will allow listeners to actively participate in a specific meeting, however, the choice of the right software is only a part of the success in creating a good multimedia presentation. What qualities should it contain to help both the speaker and the audience?

5 golden rules of creating a good multimedia presentation

A good multimedia presentation is not only to make it easier for the speaker to maintain the continuity of speech, but for the recipient to assimilate the most important elements of the speech. Its aim is also to make the listener interested in the subject, to motivate him/her to get to know the discussed issues in greater depth.

The less the better...

...text, of course! Limit the amount of information contained on slides to the most important ones. It is possible, for example, to point out what is important, while the characteristics of individual points can be done verbally. A presentation should only support the speaker, not speak for him/her.

Illustrate the unspoken

Some things are easier to show than to tell. You can use films, infographics or even diagrams for this purpose. The most important thing is common sense - an excessive number of photos or videos can distract listeners instead of focusing their attention on the subject. It is also particularly important that the files used are of high quality and from legal source.

Presentation with class

When preparing a presentation for a speech, it is worth remembering to maintain a certain aesthetics. Ready-to-use, often flashy templates may not necessarily match the subject of the presentation. You should also remember to choose the right colours - pink letters on a red background will only tire the audience, thus not allowing to achieve the intended effect. The same applies to the font size and font typeface, as well as the amount of text mentioned above.

Confirmed info

In multimedia presentations it is necessary to provide verified and confirmed information in order to present the subject of the speech in a reliable way. It is important to provide the sources of information used, on the one hand, to show the reader their truthfulness, but also as a help and encouragement for those who may wish to explore a specific issue on their own.

Everything buttoned-up

After creating the presentation, it should be checked for linguistic correctness - lack of diacritical or punctuation marks may indicate the negligence of the author, which in turn has an impact on the negative reception by the listeners. In addition, it is worth checking the correctness of the presentation on a computer other than the one on which it was created. As a security measure, you can also save the file in .pdf format if you have problems opening a specific presentation software extension.

Such a presentation will certainly help the speaker to present the discussed issues, as well as the listeners to assimilate, analyse and understand them.

More information

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