Tuesday, 25 January 2022 20:33

Renovation is better with professionals

Coreline Construction Coreline Construction Photo: CoreLine Construction - Cobham

Renovation and redesign is at the core of every person and, from time to time, they have to stop dreaming and start doing.


If you are in the same pattern, we have good news for you: living in the South-West, South or West of England gives you the opportunity to work with the best professionals around, which will be by your side from the first step you take to fulfill your dream to check all the details before you move in: Coreline Construction!

Steps in Renovation

Should you be at your first renovation experience, it is ok if you don't know all the steps you have to take. That is why experts exist and are available to explain the situations step by step and give you updates on the work all the time.

Depending on your project and what you want to change, there are several steps you need to take. Here's what Coreline Construction can help you with.

1. Demolishing

You bought a place and want to build a new one instead. You have all the authorizations and all you need more is a team to do the work. We're here to help you get rid of the old and make space for the new.

2. Basements

When it comes to building, it all starts with the basement, because who doesn't need an extra storage place? You have arrived at the perfect place, because we can help you both build or consolidate your old basement for a feeling of extra-security.

3. General build

No building has been an issue for us until now. Just let us talk to the architect, see the plans and we already start looking for the perfect materials to start making your dream come true. Of course, we do all this taking care of your budget as well.

We do the general build from scratch or the interior/ exterior renovation, depending on your needs. What we can assure you of is that you will love your new space and will barely want to leave it - at least in the first months.

4. Groundwork

Both the interior and the exterior matter the same, that is why we have also specialized in groundwork. So whether you need a functional space - such as a tennis court or a basketball one - or just a nice place to spend time outdoors, we're here to fulfill your needs and make it come true!

Coreline Construction is the team to go to when you want to transform a space into a dream space.