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Why do authorities track vehicle license plates?

tracking vehicle license plates tracking vehicle license plates pixabay

Just two or three decades ago, automatic license plate recognition technology was possible only in movies, TV series and science fiction books.


Today, the technology is entering the market with great momentum and revolutionizing the work of many different industries, such as the security sector, uniformed services, and monitoring. 

In this article, we will focus on where automatic license plate recognition technology is most commonly used, why it is becoming increasingly popular, and try to determine what the future holds for this revolutionary solution. 

Where is this technology being used? 

The ability to instantly identify a car and its owner was for a long time available only to the highest-ranking security services, but today this technology is becoming widely available, thanks to the right algorithms and companies that distribute such software. A great example of such companies is SentiVeillance

Automatic license plate recognition technology is used in the security sector, uniformed services and the automotive industry. Most often, however, automatic license plate recognition algorithms are used in police patrol cars and security systems. 

Why is auto license plate recognition such a useful technology?

Imagine a sudden accident, after which the driver flees. If such an incident occurred at a police-monitored intersection or road, the automatic license plate recognition algorithm will easily identify not only the car, but also its owner. 

This is exactly what will happen in the event of a car crash in a parking lot that has been adequately monitored. Automatic license plate recognition technology makes anonymity on the road a thing of the past. That's why algorithms like the one from SentiVillance are in ever-increasing demand today. 

What will the future bring? 

The ever-changing world of technology is forcing every industry to respond appropriately to progress. It is for this reason that automatic license plate recognition technology will soon be used in a wide variety of industries and devices. There is no denying that car manufacturers will want to implement such technology in their modern cars to further enhance the safety of drivers and their passengers. If you would like to find out more about this topic, read more on license plate recognition here

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