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Top 5 Reasons Why the Nation Requires HGV Drivers

HGV drivers HGV drivers

Lately, concerns about the shortage of HGV drivers have been causing anxiety across the entire nation. Factors such as the UK's departure from the EU and the unpredictable pandemic have contributed to a decline in the number of qualified professionals who can effectively operate and manage essential trucks and lorries. the Road Haulage Association has even approximated a shortage of approximately 100,000 drivers at one point.

Although the shortage of HGV drivers in the country may not appear significant initially, it is a larger issue than it appears. The nation's survival is heavily reliant on HGV drivers. Transportation professionals play a crucial role in various aspects, ranging from the nationwide distribution of food to ensuring our ability to enjoy popular summer festivals. Below are merely five of the explanations why we depend on HGV drivers.

1. They ensure that we always have an ample supply of essential resources.

Have you ever wondered how the diesel or petrol you put in your car is transported to the pump? Likewise, have you considered the logistics involved in delivering the potatoes for your Sunday lunch from the farm to your table? All of these essential transportation tasks rely on the expertise of HGV drivers. These drivers not only transport construction materials within the UK but also play a vital role in ensuring the timely delivery of the essential supplies we rely on for our daily lives.

Skilled drivers of large trucks play a crucial role in transporting essential machinery, agricultural products, and food supplies within the UK. They ensure that farmers have the necessary resources to cultivate crops and livestock, as well as guaranteeing that our local supermarkets are well-stocked with the food we depend on. The recent scarcity of HGV drivers has resulted in a deprivation of our favourite foods and beverages, highlighting the significant impact their absence can have on our daily lives.

The shortage of truck drivers not only affects the availability of food on store shelves but also results in the wastage of important resources. With an insufficient number of drivers, perishable items continue to grow, leading to an increase in waste. Additionally, the Lack of access to food contributes to rising prices of desired items. In addition to food, truck drivers play a crucial role in providing access to various essential supplies, including pharmaceuticals and fuel.

2. HGV Drivers are an Essential Component of the Economy

Almost every business in the UK depends on a type of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or lorry driver at some stage in their supply chain or marketing process. Retail chains rely on HGV drivers to obtain the products they buy from manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Similarly, fashion houses require lorry drivers to ensure access to vital machinery and materials.

In the UK, if lorry drivers become unavailable, it can have a detrimental impact on the entire economy. Recent instances of supply shortages have highlighted the struggles the economy has faced in the past few years. You may have even observed the challenges faced by supermarkets and stores in maintaining their inventory levels.

Skilled HGV drivers play a crucial role in ensuring the availability of various goods, ranging from pet food to everyday necessities such as toilet paper. Their responsibility extends beyond national boundaries, as they transport products both domestically and internationally. Moreover, Lorry drivers are entrusted with the task of delivering beer and other alcoholic beverages to local pubs. Their dedication and expertise enable us to access the products we desire.

3. They enable the functionality of online commerce.

Although we often credit the internet for the expansion of the ecommerce sector, it is just a part of the whole picture. While accessing online stores necessitates a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection, it is equally important to have HGV drivers situated throughout the country to ensure the delivery of your orders. Despite the fact that many online businesses have physical warehouses for storing products, the role of HGV drivers remains crucial in the overall functioning of the ecommerce industry.

HGV drivers and lorry drivers play a vital role in the fulfilment process that enables ecommerce sales. Considering that approximately 87% of households in the UK now engage in regular online shopping, it is difficult to envision a scenario where ordering clothes, food, and even furniture from the internet is not possible.

Ecommerce not only simplifies the lives of consumers by providing convenient access to affordable products online, but it also facilitates the global flow of goods and provides opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. The existence of companies like Amazon heavily relies on the presence of HGV drivers. Additionally, it enables consumers to purchase unique hand-crafted items from overseas business owners.

4. HGV Drivers play a crucial role in assisting the entertainment industry.

HGV drivers, although it may not seem enjoyable to be stuck behind them on the motorway, play a significant role in enhancing the enjoyment of various activities in the UK. They contribute to the setup of stages and the delivery of essential sound equipment for festivals and gigs, making these events possible and exciting for everyone.

In the absence of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers, our ability to partake in delightful open-air concerts and eagerly anticipate seasonal markets featuring vendors from across the United Kingdom would be hindered. Furthermore, events such as carnivals and funfairs would become unattainable as we heavily depend on trucks to transport rides and various attractions across the nation.

In the absence of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers, the production of numerous movies and TV shows that are beloved by entertainment enthusiasts today could be adversely affected. Additionally, these skilled individuals play a crucial role in the transportation of set pieces and recording equipment for film scenes.

5. HGV Drivers Contribute to Environmental Conservation

Despite the ongoing need for further improvements in the transportation industry to enhance the environmental friendliness of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), it is important to acknowledge that HGV drivers do contribute positively to the planet. One notable example is their significant role in minimising waste within the food and medical sectors.

When perishable goods are not delivered punctually, there is a risk of spoilage before they reach their intended location. The wastage of these essential items not only strains the agricultural industry but also affects the production of clean water and various other aspects. In fact, a study reveals that the scarcity of HGV drivers resulted in the loss of over 50,000 kilograms of fresh food within a week.

The process of food production consumes vast amounts of water and energy. When this valuable resource is squandered, it results in a detrimental effect on the environment without any justifiable reason. Furthermore, it may necessitate additional carbon emissions and water waste to compensate for the loss.

Becoming the Essential Component for National Progress

The country is facing a shortage of HGV drivers for various reasons, which is why the government is making significant efforts to address this issue. If you want to make a meaningful contribution and meet the country's needs, consider getting your HGV licence today. By doing so, you can not only earn a good income but also play a crucial role in bolstering the British economy.

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