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How Are Ultrasonic Speakers Different To Conventional Speakers?

Focusonics Focusonics

Speakers accompany us every day, as you will find them at school, at work and in every store.


For this reason, they have become devices that are simply a staple of the modern world, as they allow us to emit not only music, but also important messages, e.g. at airports and railway stations.

Ultrasonic speakers are a completely new type of loudspeakers. They can be used in many different places, as they are distinguished by their excellent quality and innovative approach to sound amplification. Would you like to learn more about these remarkable speakers? Find out more about them below!

What are ultrasonic speakers?

Interest in ultrasonic speakers is constantly growing. The main difference between them and their traditional counterparts is the way the sound spreads. In ordinary speakers, which you are familiar with from your surroundings, the sound spreads to all sides, so that it reaches all people gathered close enough to such a speaker.

In ultrasonic speakers, the sound wave is directed in a specific direction, making the sound reach only the selected location. As a result, the sound waves do not scatter to the whole area surrounding the speaker, but are directed to a specific location. This technology completely changes the approach to sound emission.

Why are ultrasonic speakers great for all conditions?

The main advantage of Focusonics speakers is that they are able to direct sound exactly where the operator of such a speaker wants it. For this reason, the sound does not spill over the entire room, but goes to a specific listener or group of listeners.

Imagine being in a museum and not having to put headphones on your head to hear the guide. What's more, these sounds don't disturb the environment, as they reach only your ears. Such a revolutionary solution is also works perfectly in many other places and situations.

For this reason, ultrasonic speakers are becoming increasingly popular and more and more people want to use them. This revolutionary type of speakers is already widely available, so you can see for yourself why they are so special. You can learn more about ultrasonic speakers read more

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