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Modern and functional kitchen

Drawer runners Furnica Drawer runners Furnica

The kitchen is the heart of every home, it is also the place where a lot of time is spent. In the kitchen you not only cook, but also eat meals together with your family. That is why this room must be furnished practically, functionally and modern.


Kitchen furniture and modern furniture slides

The basis of any kitchen is kitchen furniture. There are two basic models of kitchen furniture - kitchen built-in and system furniture, which can be set according to your needs. Furniture in the kitchen has many important functions; it is used for storing and storing kitchen items. Furniture must not only be pretty, but also decently made, so that it is solid and durable.

Nowadays, modern kitchens are equipped with kitchen drawers that are used to store all the things in the kitchen - dishes, pots, cutlery, kitchen accessories and many other similar things. However, for the drawers to be functional and efficient, they must have practical furniture slides. It is thanks to the slides that the drawers will move smoothly, quietly and smoothly. The quality of the runners is very important as a poor quality runner will quickly deteriorate and the drawers will no longer be as easy and pleasant to use.

Which drawer runners to choose?

Certainly the most popular among customers at the moment are Blum drawer slides. These are a type of soft close drawer runners. This means that the drawers will move smoothly and very quietly in the slides, in addition they will protect the cabinets from damage as a result of their slamming shut. No wonder all modern built-in kitchens are fitted with such runners.

Drawer runners Furnica

Other options for drawer slides

There are many different runners that can be installed in drawers and cabinets. Blum is just one option that works best for drawers. If someone prefers other solutions, they may be interested in ball or linear slides. These slides are generally used in cabinets with doors, although they can also be found in modern drawers. They ensure that the cabinets open and close smoothly without any noise. They do not make any noise when used, which is a valuable advantage.

Furniture slides should be made of high quality stainless steel. Thanks to this they will be resistant to frequent moisture, steam in the kitchen, they will also not get damaged by frequent use. In a modern kitchen you can not miss the convenient drawers of various capacities and sizes. Thanks to them, the kitchen will become much more practical and functional