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Mushroom farm equipment - what to choose?

mushroom farm equipment mushroom farm equipment

Growing mushrooms can be a great business idea. White, round mushrooms are very tasty and are often found on our tables.

They are great as an addition to pizzas and casseroles, but of course they can also be served in many different ways. In order for the production of mushrooms to be efficient and profitable, it is worth investing in good quality equipment (e.g. mushroom scales) offered by the GROWTIME company.

Growing mushrooms may not seem complicated, however in order to profit from it, it is necessary, as in any business, to first acquire the necessary know-how and then create the right conditions for the efficient cultivation of mushrooms. A mushroom farm focused on high production must have, inter alia, appropriate equipment such as shelving, growing nets, mushroom picking lorries, machines for loading and unloading the substrate, scales and other small equipment and buildings in the form of growing chambers with microclimate control and rooms for packing and storing mushrooms at a controlled temperature. This is just an outline of the most important things.

Equipment and knowledge from professionals

It is not worth buying equipment from the lower price range, it is better to rely on products that have been repeatedly tested, which actually work in practice, i.e. in the conditions for which they were created. The GROWTIME company offers its clients specialized products and devices that enable fast, efficient and safe mushroom picking. Among them there are picking lorries, growing nets, shelving for mushroom farms, climate control system, sub-shelf irrigation system, mushroom scales and other mushroom farm equipment. GROWTIME specialists always provide good advice, you can count on professional consultations.

The best scales for mushroom farms

Mushrooms need specific conditions to grow properly, including high humidity. These are difficult requirements for electronic equipment, common scales available on the market do not function well in a humid environment and break down quickly (we know from experience that their viability in a mushroom farm does not reach a year).

GROWTIME offers functional, very good mushroom scales from the manufacturer OHAUS. Model Valor 1000, which is chosen by customers very often, is a very long-lasting weight, with a stable structure and a two-year warranty. The housing is made of durable, high-quality materials.

Most importantly - this equipment does not need to be charged; it is not powered by an accumulator but with batteries with a lifetime of 1500 hours (without active display backlight). Batteries are a much better solution than an accumulator which requires charging from electrical outlet. In practice, in scales powered by an accumulator, the cable of the charger or the plug/sockets are often mechanically damaged, because they must be connected and disconnected, which is not always done correctly. An ordinary accumulator mushroom scale cannot run continuously, there must always be time for the accumulator to be replenished. Today we do not have to waste time charging accumulators, waste electricity and remember about needing to connect the scale to the charger at all! Batteries in Valor 1000 are changed every few months and the scale is operational immediately. Good quality batteries are also available at GROWTIME at producer prices.

Advantages of the mushroom scale Valor 1000

  • Equipment ideal for mushroom farms, does not require charging.
  • Hygienic design, can be used in HACCP systems.
  • Easy to use.
  • It weighs precisely.
  • Compact and portable.
  • It has a clear display and a sound signal.
  • Durable mushroom scale that works well in high humidity conditions.
  • It is appreciated by many satisfied customers.
  • Has a 24-month warranty!

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