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Reliable protection for uncertain times

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A bulletproof vest seems to be something completely natural today, as it provides protection against both rifle and pistol ammunition, and against sharp objects.

What's more, we associate such a vest with something very heavy and massive. It turns out that modern protective vests do not have to be heavy to protect their owner. Discover the advantages of a modern and innovative tactical vest!

A tactical vest – the best possible protection

One important pattern has been noticeable in history – with each new type of weapon there is a new type of protection. The progress in the field of metal processing and the invention of the sword or spear led to the development of body armor (chain mail, plate armor, etc.). Therefore, it is no surprise that this arms race has continued to this day. Firearms have completely revolutionized the approach to protection, as rifle and pistol ammunition is capable of causing much larger and more significant damage. Therefore, at the beginning of the 20th century, the bulletproof vest was invented, which was designed to protect all the most important organs in the chest. Over the last decades, the bulletproof vest has undergone a considerable evolution. Today, the tactical vest is a standard in the army, police, and among all servicemen and women. This type of outside vest carrier is distinguished by its versatility and maximum mobility. Thanks to this, the person wearing the tactical vest has full freedom of movement. Old bulletproof vests protected their owner well, but they restricted movements quite significantly. The tactical vest is another step in the evolution of body armor, because it not only perfectly covers all vital organs in the chest, but thanks to its modular structure, it gives the user complete freedom of movement. This mobility translates into better combat efficiency.

Is the tactical vest able to stop large-caliber shells?

 One of the factors that determines the protection level of a bulletproof vest is what projectiles it can stop. Although tactical vests are modular (which means that each panel of such a vest is replaceable), thanks to the latest technology, the panels are able to stop very large projectiles. Ace Link is one of the leaders on the market of tactical vests and panels for them. Their products are distinguished by excellent workmanship as well as legendary durability. Level 4 plates are able to stop bullets with a caliber of up to .30-06 APM2. This shows that Ace Link tactical vests not only provide their user with complete freedom of movement, thanks to their light weight and ergonomic shape, but also a maximum level of protection by blocking bullets from large-caliber machine guns.


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