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Airless packaging for cosmetics

Packaging Airless Packaging Airless pixabay

Constantly increasing consumers" knowledge of the dangers connected to plastic packaging leads them to prefer packaging that is not only more attractive, but also more sanitary and ecological, such as vacuum bottles. In this packaging area, airless for cosmetics gain more and more popularity.


What is airless package?

Airless package is a bottle with a unique mechanism which lets you extract the product without letting the air in. However, it cannot be closed back if the bottle is opened and air enters into it. Calm down though, because accidental opening of such package is exceedingly difficult and actually hardly possible.

Airless packaging therefore is a great answer to customers" requirements and expectations. Cosmetics stored in these packagings are protected from microorganism development and oxidating of the ingredients. It is possible, because the cosmetic is placed in a special bottle, into which no air can enter. Furthermore, the product has no contact with our hands while we are using an airless bottle with a pump, which prevents dangerous germs from enters our face cream, serum or conditioner.

Who may benefit from an airless package?

Airless for cosmetics is sanitary, ecological and simple to use - even if you hold it upside down, you can still apply your cosmetics from the bottle.

Everyone is familiar with the vexing sensation of having a large amount of cosmetic that cannot be removed without cutting the package. This issue is no longer an issue owing to the usage of airless bottles - the whole product can be applied thanks to the efficient pump.

Airless bottles are advised not only for beauty salons where cosmetics are used on many different people, but also for home usage. Suck packages are especially useful for natural cosmetics that must be stored in the refrigerator, for example.

What to be aware of?

Although no external air enters the box, it does not imply that any air in the package does not exist at all. Just behind the closure - like with ordinary bottles - air needs to be pushed out at some point. If your package stops delivering cream then it is most probably an issue of air at the distributor outlet. In such situation you have to pump out the air and apply the product again.

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