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Steel ropes - what are they and what are they for?

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Steel ropes are increasingly used in various economic sectors. They differ in terms of individual parameters and properties, which allows you to adjust them to your individual preferences and expectations.


What are steel ropes characterized by?

Mipromet steel cables are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel wires. They usually consist of six or more knobs which are composed of a large number of thin wires twisted around a core.

They are primarily characterized by high durability, which allows them to be used in many areas of the economy. They are resistant to tearing, thanks to which they are highly effective.

Steel ropes are flexible and resistant to any crushing. Thanks to this, even if the ropes could be exposed to deformation, the flexibility ensures that they will not be damaged.

They are also characterized by high resistance to external factors. They are not exposed to sunlight, moisture, high temperature, sand or water. Thanks to specialized properties, they are able to adapt their work to various types of machines and tools.

What are steel cables for?

Steel ropes are often used, among others in industrial equipment, construction machinery and a wide range of transport equipment. Ropes can be used to fasten loads during transport and to drive devices. Depending on the type, steel ropes are used to move various types of cargo. They work well in cranes, gantry cranes or elevators.

They are also used in industry and agriculture. Their specialized construction allows trouble-free operation with various types of machines. They are also used in fishing and automotive industry.

Steel ropes - advantages

Steel ropes have many advantages, thanks to which they become a universal tool in many aspects of activities. Above all, they are very durable, and their additional properties, which are possessed by galvanized steel ropes, provide additional protection against corrosion and its negative effects. Ropes can primarily be used to fasten loads during transport.

Thanks to their construction, steel cables are very flexible, which makes them less susceptible to possible damage. Depending on individual needs, the ropes can also be lubricated, which provides additional protection during their use and storage.

A significant advantage of steel ropes is tensile strength. Thanks to this, it can withstand very heavy loads. It is also resistant to tearing and abrasion.