Monday, 10 May 2021 09:02

Stickers are usually associated with those intended for children

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Stickers are usually associated with those intended for children.


However, modern technology has allowed us to create high-quality stickers illustrating various patterns that we can stick to any object or piece of furniture. Such stickers are now a real hit among interior designers. What is the real beauty and practicality of such stickers?

Stickers on furniture – self-adhesive image

The very term "self-adhesive image" sounds very intriguing. Not so long ago, such large stickers depicting the highest quality patterns were only a figment of imagination found in science fiction. Today, these types of stickers are available to everyone – they allow to effectively renew any type of furniture or surface, which is why they are so popular nowadays. The number of designs of such stickers is so large that everyone can find a sticker that perfectly fits their interior. What's more, the very high resolution of such stickers makes the illustrations printed on them look very clear and clean, and the colors catch the eye. The designs of such stickers include the most beautiful landscapes, such as the ukok sticker, characters from your favorite movies or series, and animals. The choice is up to the customer, because such a large number of designs means that everyone can find something for themselves.

Why is it worth using furniture stickers?

Furniture stickers have recently become a real phenomenon. This is due to the fact that they are an excellent alternative to expensive renovation of furniture or household appliances, because this type of sticker is very often stuck on, for example, refrigerators. The high quality of the printout of the sticker makes it look like a self-adhesive painting. By using such a sticker on furniture, we can give our interiors a completely new look, which our guests will certainly not miss.

What sticker designs are currently the most popular?

Stickers can have any design, but today the most popular are all those depicting beautiful landscapes. The snow-white peaks of the Himalayas, Niagara Falls, beautiful Scandinavian fjords or desert plains perfectly attract attention and make the furniture look completely new and attractive.