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Why are tactical vests so popular today?

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Firearms are currently the most popular type of weapon in the world. They enable effective defense and allow to avoid engaging the opponent in contact combat.

Therefore, all methods of protection against projectiles are important. As new types of weapons are invented, new means of protections are developed too. Today, tactical vests are one of the most popular elements of protective equipment. Where does their popularity come from and how do they differ from commonly known bulletproof vests?

Tactical vests – maximum protection, flexibility and functionality

We usually associate bulletproof vests with a massive plate which can absorb all the impact of rounds from rifles and pistols. The disadvantage of such vests was the significant limitation of mobility and range of motion, so they had to somehow evolve. As a result, tactical vests were developed. They protect effectively, do not restrict the user's movements, and provide many tactical solutions. The main assumption of a tactical vest is that it should be light, flexible, but at the same time protect the person wearing it to the maximum extent. One of the most popular protective vests today is Skeletec. This modular vest was created by the American company Ace Link and is distinguished by many possibilities of customization. Thanks to such a carefully designed structure, it is possible to match the vest with exactly the accessories and additions that the user needs. It is extremely important in the case of professional soldiers, policemen, patrol escorts, and border guards, because the correct selection of equipment can be a matter of life and death in their case.

Protective panels – the maximum level of protection

Skeletec vests consists of front and back protective panels. Moreover, there are many types of such panels, so the possibility of adjusting the weight and degree of protection depends on the user. For example, swimmer cut plates have a shape that allows maximum freedom of movement while reducing the protective surface. For people who need the maximum level of protection, a level 3 ceramic plate is a good choice. These panels are able to effectively stop rounds from both a pistol and a rifle, so they are perfect whenever maximum protection is needed.

It is worth noting that tactical vests have become so popular today that they are now considered a standard. What's more, Ace Link is the most popular brand on the market because it is distinguished by the excellent quality of its products – their tactical vests are second to none!