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Lifting beams – what are they and how do they work?

Lifting beams Lifting beams

Lifting beams, or traverses, are commonly used gripping devices manufactured for vertical transport. They are mainly used to lift large loads which, due to their shape, are impossible to be moved with regular slings, such as Big Bags and various irregularly shaped containers.

Traverses also come in a multiple attachment points version. These are perfect for transport of very heavy loads which need more than one hook to be lifted.

Specialized lifting beams 

Most cranes used on the market are universal devices. As a rule, they are equipped with a load hook which is used to carry the load. Loads that have not been equipped with a suitable transport hitch require the use of linking elements, such as lifting beams. Specialized traverses are used in processes where it is required to move and transport a load of unusual shape or in specific conditions. Models designed for lifting containers or Big-Bags are however just examples of the most popular types of support beams. Some traverse manufacturers and specialists, like Mipromet store, offer designs based on specific parameters including, apart from lifting beams with a central eye or lifting beams on slings, traverses adjusted to customer’s specific needs. When designing traverses, account is taken of factors such as size of the load and what actions are going to be performed during the movement and transfer of the load.

Lifting beams – application

Size and parameters of lifting beams are then adapted to the load to be carried, but the general rule is that traverses are used where multi-leg slings cannot be used. Among other applications, traverses are perfect when the height of the crane is too small to safely lift and transport the load as well as for the transport of:

• loads of weight that exceeds the lifting capacity of a single crane

• loads of undersized dimensions,

• several loads weighing more than crane capacity,

• thin, long rods and sheets.

Lifting beams at specialist stores

Some specialist manufacturers and stores, like Mipromet, offer traditional traverses, type H, as well as traverses individually adjusted to the requirements of loads raised at the customer's plant, warehouse or construction site – all of them made of certified materials of the highest quality, guaranteeing safety, durability and longevity, at the same time being user friendly due to their simple construction. At Mipromet, it is possible, for example, to make attachment holes (for example for 2-legs sling or below central hook), retrofit with additional hooks or change hooks for shackles. By buying traverses from specialists you not only gain all the technical advice you need, but you save time and money by making sure that the dimension, type and shape of the given traverse is right for the job that you need to get done. Moreover, you can be certain that the equipment comply with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/WE, is made in the EU and meet safety standards.

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